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Hi. It's Me, everybody it's me...with Migraines.

Welcome to my space. This is my space, meaning though I hope you can find some help and comfort in my words, I will speak up now and state it is not a space that will accept negative remarks or tone. I welcome anyone to share advice or their own stories, but I do not encourage or accept ridicule. Life is hard, life is a lot harder as a migraine sufferer. The one thing I know for sure is when I get to my personal finish line, I want to have had as fair a shot as anyone else, illness driven or not.

Hello all…my name is Kelley and I believe in living every day to the fullest. I will race and push to every finish line put in front of me. I do not have the word ‘can’t’ in my vocabulary. I was born competitive, and I will stay that way. I may not always be the best, but I will always try and if I am competing you will know. That said, I have been driven to succeed since I was old enough to understand what success was, though I have had more than my share of unplanned, unexpected and unmanageable hurdles put in my path. At the age of 20 I had my first real migraine. Thinking back to it I did not realize how young and naïve I was before I was introduced to migraines, but I can say from the first one to now, it has been a land of no return and little forgiveness. Unlike a lot of other migraine sufferers, when I got my first migraine I had a full body attack. It hit my instantaneously, from 0 to 10, and the pain change was so severe and so quick I passed out in the shower. Fortunately, I was showering at my parents house at the time, so my mother quickly found me and it was the first of a lot of medical visits in my future.

At the hospital that day, to no surprise here, I was told it was a migraine, along with the nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, intense pain, and more...but all normal symptoms related to migraine attacks. It was the first migraine attack I had really had, so they did get a scan done as well, but was told it was ok and I was referred to a neurologist, who I still see regularly today. I think back to it often, and at that time if I could give myself one piece of advice (and please keep in mind social media and the internet were not what they are now) but it would be to research and do your due diligence. I was so scared and confused how this crazy pain can and will come out of nowhere, I just wanted help. I assumed the doctors would give me help and this would be a manageable issue. I had no idea I was in for a lifelong ride of emergency visits; migraine cocktails; and lots and lots of different drugs. The sacrifices I have had to make for migraines still disgusts me, and the lack of knowledge and treatments in this society still baffles me. I can say today, which I would have never imagined then, besides the actual migraines and acute treatments, the preventative that have and have not had any promise with me, have had side effects at times just as damaging.

Over the last ten years, the treatments I have tried are somewhat countless, especially combined with the home remedies, homeopathic approaches and straight guesses to curing them. There are days when I am looking for nothing more than peace from pain. Migraines have taken more time from me than anything else, as I am so chronic that at least 8-10 days a month coma-like sleep is the only way I can escape the pain I am suffering. I often wonder how it got to this point, or if something I could have done, then or now, could change this course.

I am not creating this blog to get sympathy, but simply to document, share and get other insight. I want to show what I have tried and failed with, what I have tried and seen progress with, what left me in worse shape, better shape, or simply had no impact. I am also writing this blog to show with all the extras migraine has brought into my life, I am still fighting on daily to be successful in my personal goals and I encourage you to as well.

I often hear, especially from those closest to me, its just a headache, take some Tylenol and carry on. If anyone wishes that was a possible scenario, that would be me. My mother has migraines, so I inherited them to an extent, but hers are much less severe and frequent. I inherited a much more intense dose you can say. I refuse to give up though, and I refuse to let them win.

Migraines and my health are more than likely always going to pursue as my biggest battle, but luckily, I appreciate a challenge. I will continue to read and investigate every measure to reduce my pain, and I will not limit my personal life and goals to adapt to a migraine ruled lifestyle in any situation I can help.

As I wrap up my intro, let me tell you I am a female business owner, and my businesses are open 7-days a week, from 7am-10pm. I currently have three locations, as well as a catering business on the side, and just started to introduce franchising to the mix. I worked hard to get my business where it is today, and though my health is also in full swing, I will not sacrifice. Each day I will get up, open my eyes, and frankly, see how bad the struggle will be…

Suffering with you…




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